Mission Statement:

Each and every day, Fast Start Financial embarks on a two part mission. First, our goal is to make sure that your credit is the best it possibly can be for those times when you need to use it. Secondly, we strive to place you in a position to earn client referral fees so that you do not need to rely on your credit to make purchases. Our mission is for you to be financially sound and secure.

Purpose Statement:

Our purpose is to rebuild the solid financial standing of everyday Americans. This country was built on the promise of opportunity and that's what we want to return to you - the opportunity to eliminate any unfair marks against your good credit. We're driven to rebuild the economic foundation of America, one person and one restored credit score at a time.

Vision Statement:

Our vision is to begin rebuilding the financial foundation of America. Rebuilding America's future is likely constructing a house - you work on it one brick at a time. We will help everyone that uses our service to eliminate any fraudulent use of their credit. The more individuals that we can help, the the stronger the foundation of our collective financial future will be. Getting Americans financially healthy is the cornerstone of our plan.