Legal Plan

When You Need Someone On Your Side

We’re on your side. Our legal benefit gives you direct access to a national network of attorneys, all with an average of almost 20 years of experience each. Get 9 FREE services, including phone consultations, one-on-one consultations, review of legal documents, attorney-written letters, attorney-made phone calls, welfare and INS assistance, assistance in small claims court, and a free Living Will form completed by an attorney. Use your right to great counsel, and discount legal services.


  • A nationwide network of thousands of attorneys in all 50 states
  • Plan attorneys will either charge $125.00 per hour, or 40% off their usual and customary hourly rate, whichever is greater
  • Unlimited initial phone consultations for new legal matters
  • Initial one-on-One consultations for new legal matters
  • Attorney review of independent legal documents (6 page max.) per new matter
  • When deemed appropriate by plan attorney, attorneys will write letters on member's behalf
  • When deemed appropriate by plan attorney, attorneys will make phone calls on member's behalf
  • Assistance in solving problems with government programs such as welfare and INS
  • Attorneys will help members represent themselves in small claims court
  • Free simple will with annual updates
  • A state specific, web-based, free Living Will form is available to members. This form can be taken to and completed by the attorney

The following are eight (8) commonly used legal services for which plan attorneys have agreed to charge a one-time, deeply discounted fee:

Traffic Ticket Defense
Name Change
Real Estate Closing
Chater 7 Bankruptcy
Simple Divorce
Simple Will with Minor's Trust
Non-support (spouse/child)
Regular Incorporation

Prices are subject to change without notice and may vary by region.

*In many states, attorney liability may require plan attorneys to obtain a retainer from the member prior to providing some of the free members benefits.