Our Story

Where it all began...

During the Spring of 2008, problems were everywhere - the housing bubble burst, financial markets were starting to crumble everywhere around us and our economy was on the brink of collapse. Without exaggeration, the world was changing right before our very eyes.

Eric Balthrop, Founder & CEO, was just as keen as everyone else to track the billions in bailout money that was being funnelled to banks. How did the banks thank the taxpayers making it all possible? They raised our interest rates, increased minimum payments on existing loans and adjusted our mortgage rates even higher.

When the banks raised qualifying home loan credit scores from 580 to 620, it took the opportunity to own a home away from twenty million (20,000,000) people.

A little known fact is that 80% of Americans have erroneous information on their credit reports - yes, 80%! The fact that erroneous information was being used to prevent people from being able to obtain a home loan was alarming and unfair. A mission was born to help people restore their credit reports and to restore faith in the American dream of home ownership and strong personal finance.

For the average American, a sound credit score is a "must" within our financial system. It determines whether or not you can obtain loans as well as at which rate. The lower your credit score, the worse it is considered and the more that you will pay to borrow money - if you're even allowed to borrow it at all. Fast Start Financial is the champion of the average American, the 80% of us who are taken advantage of simply because of bad credit reporting that we've had no control over until now. Take control of your credit score by teaming up with Fast Start Financial. We will fight to have any and all erroneous information removed from your credit report. Get started today to begin enjoying the benefits that a higher credit score offers and doing what Americans do best - sticking up for their rights.