• Fast Start Financial Credit has helped several of my borrowers clean their credit. I love the fact that I can go online and check the status of my clients daily. I can keep track of who they are working on and how much progress they have made. I also get emails that tell me when their accounts have been updated which reminds me to contact them [the client] and keep them motivated about the home buying process!
    Joella C. Benson
    Town Square Financial
  • Fast Start Financial is the best credit repair company that I have worked with. The professional staff ensures 100% client confidentiality, which these days is top priority. I have seen customers with shaky credit able to buy a new car within 60 days of first contacting Fast Start Financial. There are numerous companies out there stating that they can help with your credit problems. The only one I have found that REALLY DOES HELP is Fast Start Financial. I highly recommend anyone with credit issues to call today!
    Robert MacPhee
    Classic BMW
    Finance Manager
  • I would like to thank you for the hard work that you and your team did for Mr. Gipson. Your team is amazing in what they did to get a eighty-five point jump on his Credit score. Your team helped me close a loan, and the client was able to get into his dream home… Great job!
    R. Milliner
    Southwest Funding
  • In just 3 months Fast Start Financial has made tremendous improvements in my credit. I have been wanting to buy a house or even buy a car without a co-signer, but the odds of that were slim until now. I'm proud to be affiliated with a company that truly cares about those that it's helping.
    Lee Mull, Canton, NC
  • Fast Start Financial is the real McCoy. 3 months after initial meeting. MY credit went up about 80 points. Thank's to you, I'm sitting in my new home.
    Joan Roseman, Zion, IL